Booq package

This is the documentation for the affiliated package.


booq.catalogs Package

booq.common Package


findLimit(iterable, lim, func[, lvl]) Find the limit (min,max) value within an iterable structure.
maxNested(iterable) Handy function to find the maximum value inside nested iterables
minNested(iterable) Handy function to find the minimum value inside nested iterables

booq.coordinates Package


pixel_to_sky(px, origin_in_sky, pixel_scale) Returns the ‘sky’ values

booq.core Package Package

booq.filters Package

Model for the survey/instruments structure

1) A dictionary named ‘filters’ containing all necessary information for each filter to be used by the convertion (mag-2-flux, for instance) functions below.

The ‘filters’ sctructure follow the lines: ```

from astropy.units import Unit

filters = {

filter-name : {
‘wavelength’ : {
‘min’ : lowest-lambda , ‘max’ : highest-lambda , ‘eff’ : central-wavelength , Unit : unit_of-_min_max_eff

}, ‘zeropoint’ : {

‘system’ : filter-system_name, ‘flux’ : magzero-point, Unit : magzero-point_unit






2) Define a namespace (i.e, class) called ‘Filter’ with the necessary methods for filter-related convertions. ** For the current use-case is mandatory the definition of the method ‘Filter.mag2flux’ ! ** Since this method is the one called by ‘../?/’.

The namespace: ``` class Filter:

@staticmethod def mag2flux(mag,band):

‘’’ Converts ‘mag’ value at filter ‘band’ to ‘flux’

  • mag : float

    magnitude value

  • band : string


  • flux : float

    typically in units of erg/s/cm2

‘’’ # habemus (f)lux return flux


booq.image Package


rgb_2_mono(img_arr[, chanel]) Package

booq.pipelines Package

booq.plot Package

Plotting package



Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of booq.plot.Colors

booq.role Package

booq.table Package


ADataFrame(*args, **kwargs) Add some features to ~pandas.DataFrame
ATable([data, masked, names, dtype, meta, ...]) Inherits from Astropy’s Table and adds to I/O and UCD handlers

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of booq.table.adataframe.ADataFrame, booq.table.atable.ATable

booq.tests Package

This packages contains affiliated package tests.

booq.ucd Package


UCD([ucd]) Input:
UCDAtom(atom[, family, description, parent, ...])
UCDWord(word[, namespace, description])

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of booq.ucd._ucd.UCD, booq.ucd._ucd.UCDAtom, booq.ucd._ucd.UCDWord

booq.utils Package


is_number(data) Check whether ‘data’ is a numeric scalar
is_scalar(data) Check whether ‘data’ is a scalar
list_contents_are_equal(lleft, lright) Check whether two lists contents are equal
string_clean(string[, replace_with])
string_fill(string[, replace_with])